Perry County Sheriff's Office

Serving Perry County Towns of Pinckneyville, DuQuoin, Cutler, Willisville, Tamaroa


Inmates shall be supplied with three (3) well-balanced meals per day.

Medical Services
Medical, dental, and mental health services are provided for the inmates at the jail.  The inmates are required to fill out a health request form for all inmates initiated medical requests.  The inmates shall be charged a medical fee for certain medical services provided.  An inmate may not be denied medical or dental care due to insufficient funds.

Recreation Room/ Library is provided for the inmates according to the scheduled times, unless an inmate is restricted.

Televisions are provided in each inmate living area, with the exception of the Isolated/ Segregated housing units.

Inmates may not receive incoming telephone calls, and messages will not be taken for them.  All telephone calls made by the inmates shall be collect calls, or by use of a telephone card that has been purchased from the commissary. (Phone cards are $5/$10/and $20- each phone is charge of $.50 a minute.)

The Perry County Jail offers the inmates commissary services, where approved items are available for purchase by the inmate.  The cost of the item(s) shall be deducted from the funds within their established account.

All inmates shall be supplied jail clothing, bedding, and linens sufficient to provide comfortable, sanitary, and environmentally suitable conditions during confinement at the jail.  The inmates receive clean replacements per the scheduled exchanges.  Inmates are allowed to maintain only one (1) complete set of clothing for court. 

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