Perry County Sheriff's Office

Serving Perry County Towns of Pinckneyville, DuQuoin, Cutler, Willisville, Tamaroa


All inmates in the Perry County Jail are encouraged to maintain ties with their friends and families.  Please note the following rules and regulations before sending any items to an inmate:

  • No items with glitter, glue, tape, stickers, labels, perfumes or other adhesives.
  • No Polaroid pictures.
  • No cash, coins, phone cards, credit cards, or checks.
  • Do not send electronic items or devices.
  • Do not send mail that requires a delivery signature.
  • Do not send smoking materials. The Perry County Jail is a non-smoking facility.
  • Do not send books, magazines or newspapers to an inmate.
  • Money orders are accepted via mail, and any money orders must be made payable to the inmate.  Any cash, coins, phone cards, credit cards, or checks found in the mail will be returned to the sender.  Any mail addressed to an inmate who has been transferred or released will be returned to the sender.

Any mail containing prohibited items will be placed in the inmate’s property bag and not given to the inmate. Incoming mail shall be delivered to the inmates within 24 hours after receipt, except on weekends and holidays.

Mail and letters to an inmate should be addressed as follows:
PO BOX 350
Pinckneyville IL 62274

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