Perry County Sheriff's Office

Serving Perry County Towns of Pinckneyville, DuQuoin, Cutler, Willisville, Tamaroa

Victim Services

Crime Victim & Witness program Offers:
Educating victims/witnesses about the legal process– Helping to provide information about the progression of the case and answer questions victims may have about the process.

Offers support to the victims/witnesses during the criminal process-Being emotionally supportive in times of confusion and despair. Notifying victims and witnesses of court dates and providing them with the disposition of cases.

Coordinate victims/witnesses during court proceedings-Getting victims familiar with the courthouse and courtroom (where the prosecutors and defense counsel will be seated and the role victims play in the court process).

Pro Se Orders of Protection/ bond conditions- Help obtain orders of protection or making requests for bond conditions in criminal cases keeping the victims safe from any further possible physical abuse or threats of violence.

Assist victims with the Illinois Victim Compensation Act and/or Restitution-Help to obtain information about out of pocket expenses for the crime they were a victim of, and provide assistance with the Illinois Victim Compensation Claims forms.

Refer victims/witnesses to outside agencies when requested-The Victim/Witness Program has net working relationships with many agencies in providing services and support to victims in need. (Examples: The Women’s Center/ Perry Co Child Advocacy Center/ Department of Children and Family Services/ etc.)

Act as liaison for the victim/witness with law enforcement and the State’s Attorney’s Office-Help assist victims in getting questions answered and concerns conveyed to the State’s Attorney’s Office/Law Enforcement Agencies during the court process.

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