Perry County Sheriff's Office

Serving Perry County Towns of Pinckneyville, DuQuoin, Cutler, Willisville, Tamaroa

Opening Statement

The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Perry County, an area of 423 square miles with a population of 23,891.

One indicator of a community’s quality of life is the professionalism and caliber of its local law enforcement. The Perry County Sheriff’s Office works hard to protect and serve the citizens of Perry County. This office always looks for ways in obtaining and facilitating programs that provide services that secure the safety of its citizens.

One program the Sheriff’s Office has been instrumental in obtaining and developing is Perry County’s first Victim/Witness Program (funded through the Illinois Attorney General’s Office). This program encourages those individuals who have been victimized in the community that their rights do matter and there is someone in their corner to help them through the process. The Sheriff’s Office strives to serve all the people of Perry County, not just some of its people.

We also have developed a program called CareTrak. This program helps families with Alzheimer patients or people with disabilities that have confusion and lack the knowledge of current everyday life. This program puts safety devices into place to track them when lost. This helps give families peace of mind that they are doing everything possible to protect the ones they love.

The Sheriff’s Office has also created a program in local schools called H.Y.P.E. (Helping to prepare Youth for Excellence). The development of this mentoring relationship between our youth and our school resource officer promotes two main concepts: educating youth to make good choices in difficult situations and openly engage in learning activities that help to assist in making those good choices.

The Sheriff believes that community input is essential to the operation of the Sheriff’s Office. And would like to invite comments and open the line of communication between its citizens and our officers. We are here to serve and protect our community to the best of our ability.

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