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PREA Prison Rape Elimination Act

The Perry County Sheriff’s Office has zero tolerance for sexual abuse and sexual harassment.  The facility’s goal is PREA compliance. PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) was passed in 2003 to help protect individuals from sexual abuse and sexual harassment while confined in an institutional setting.  Along with protection, PREA also provides information and resources needed to sexual abuse victims and perpetrators.  Inmates at the Perry County Jail will be educated on ways of protection and prevention of sexual abuse along with multiple ways of reporting sexual abuse and sexual harassment claims verbally, in writing, anonymously and from third parties.

One way of reporting is done by third parties.  Inmates have the ability to inform family and friends of alleged abuse and/or retaliation for reporting abuse.  These third party entities are provided the following hotline number to notify security staff of potential sexual abuse claims:  1-800-334-2094.  This hotline number is free of charge to inmates and third party reporters and can be made anonymously. Reports made on this hotline are not recorded by Perry County Jail security staff.  Along with third party reporting, inmates may report to medical staff, security staff, non-security staff members and volunteers who provide services to inmates. 

Along with the toll free hotline that is made available to all inmates, The Perry County Sheriff’s Office also provides sexual abuse crisis counseling through the Women’s Center in Carbondale. Immediate medical assistance will be provided to any inmate who is a victim of sexual abuse.  Any and all medical assistance needed is provided by the Perry County Sheriff’s Office and is free of charge to any inmate who has been a victim of sexual abuse. 

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